FM 4.0

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FM 4.0

Bee Wise FM 4.0 is an innovative package that can handle all tasks related to building operation, real estate portfolio and maintenance. Preventive maintenance, 3D indoor navigation, real estate portfolio management and the application of the latest technological achievements are essential for us.

With the development of FM 4.0, we improve the efficiency of our Clients’ facility management and operation, as we make the entire hard and soft-FM process structure measurable, transparent and reportable.

The service is based on IBM software, which has proven itself countless times in the American and Western European markets, and is a world leader in facility operation. IBM TRIRIGA is an application that can easily handle the tasks of the entire real estate portfolio of companies, such as Amazon, Google, Apple or Walmart.


Comprehensive service

Building Information Modell integration

We work closely with our BIM experts in our partner area, so we can provide not only the modern SaaS FM software, but also the integration of the building model into the FM system, which is an essential part of the modern FM service, within a single company

Parameterization for individual needs

If some of our Clients want to deviate from the processes implemented according to the international best practices in the FM 4.0 system, it is not a problem, our experienced expert team efficiently performs the necessary developments and possible further integration with the system.

Comprehensive SaaS service package

Our team performs both the basic settings of the building operation processes according to the market standards and the necessary installation, configuration, and server environment provisioning, so our Clients only need to use the software. Don’t bother with using, implementing, integrating, or displaying data from different software, rather entrust it to our expert team and sit back in your perfectly operated office!

FM 4.0 advantages


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Our firm is actively involved in numerous top engineering and real estate groups. We constantly revise our approaches to adhere to evolving local and global standards. It’s with pride we declare that our achievements are distinguished on both a national and international scale.