We are architects, engineers, software developers, but most of all innovators.
Our mission is to digitize and optimize facility management with our comprehensive solutions.


BIM services

Our solution-oriented team creates implementation and operation BIM models with a pioneering approach. Furthermore, it helps with the transfer of new projects’ BIM models for operation, and the construction of real Digital Twins with extensive IoT knowledge.

FM 4.0

Our goal is to create a higher level of transparent building operation, for which our team provides software and consulting background with its expertise.

IT services

Our expert team provides consulting and custom software development solutions as contracted distribution partners of leading software manufacturers.

Our strengths

We provide effective solutions

Our goal is not only to meet the expectations of our customers, but also to create solutions that they can use efficiently later in cooperation with other systems.

Innovation and flexibility

We are not afraid to start new, unusual tasks in order to achieve the expectations of our customers in the most efficient and best quality way. We always start our work by aligning the needs and cooperate closely throughout the process, adapting agilely to the changing needs.

Complex solutions

We combine all the expertise in our company in order to approach the problem from more than one direction



Main Partners

Our memberships

Our firm is actively involved in numerous top engineering and real estate groups. We constantly revise our approaches to adhere to evolving local and global standards. It’s with pride we declare that our achievements are distinguished on both a national and international scale.