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Our history

Our founder, who previously dealt with IT Services, founded Bee Wise Kft. in 2021 with the aim of digitizing building management. We did not waste time and our friendly team of a few people immediately gained large strategic partners
Our young drive and solution-oriented approach quickly brought success, so from one day to the next we found ourselves having to change offices for the third time in a year due to our growth. By then it became clear that our goal of intelligent building management had to be approached from several directions, so the development of our BIM department became more and more important alongside the building operation software development team, while our previous team dealing with software solutions and sales continued to grow smoothly. As development never rests, we also expanded our portfolio with the future of digitalization using IoT and Digital Twin technologies.
Thanks to our official partner relationships, we were able to launch our first own-brand building management software, which is now used by hundreds of institutions every day. Of course, this also came with further growth, so today our family business, which started with a few people, has grown to nearly 50, mainly engineers.
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We hope that we can build our digital future together with you!

Our office

Currently, our office is located at Népfürdő Street 3/A in loft style. Its design and furnishings perfectly reflect the young spirit, so our employees enjoy spending their time here, whether it’s work or after-work relaxation.

Our team

Our company’s core is made up of family members, old and new friends who have been involved since the beginning, which lays the foundation for our spirit and attitude towards teamwork. Thanks to our momentum, our cheerful team has multiplied several times in a few years, but the goal of creating something new together, walking new paths, has only become stronger during this time. Innovation often comes with many mistakes, but we are not afraid of that, and we start over at any time to find the perfect solution at the end, which not only helps our own company, but also promotes the development of intelligent building management worldwide.

Our technology

We place great emphasis on not following the trend, but defining it over time, using the most modern tools and technologies. Thanks to our continuous developments, we are among the leaders in building management software, operational BIM, and IoT, as well as Digital Twin technologies.