WE represent ourselves at the Protech conference

It’s been an exciting day!

This year’s Innovation Now Conference has expanded to a one-day event, attracting even more professional speakers and a large number of visitors with a quality program.
We are pleased to have participated in more roles at the conference this year. We will report on this in more detail later.
At our stand, our colleagues presented the potential of the Tririga CAFM software and BIM collaboration, which attracted a lot of interest. We discussed many exciting questions and met many new people who were open to innovation.
We hope to continue the exchanges we started with Revit and Tririga on other platforms and meet again soon!
Our CEO, Erik Hajdu, took part in an exciting panel discussion titled „Who Blows the Trade Winds?”
During the discussion, topics such as the human-centered nature of services, the return on investment and timeliness of digitalization, and the nature of innovation were covered.
We would also like to extend our special thanks to the other experts who participated in the panel discussion: Tamás Giller, Viktor Hegedüs, Dr. Iur., Gyula Győri, and last but not least, Zoltan Kalmar, MBA, who not only managed the organizational tasks but also moderated this closing panel discussion.
It was incredibly inspiring to see the variety of approaches and opinions in this field. We remain committed to innovation and growth and look forward to integrating these new ideas into our operations.
Our colleague, István Nagy, delivered an exciting presentation on the possibilities and returns of utilizing BIM, titled „BIM: Architectural Luxury or Real Benefit?”
In his presentation, István emphasized the importance of the ‘I’ for Information in the BIM model. Although this is the foundation of the BIM model, its significance is often underestimated. Our goal was to demonstrate the advantages of a well-designed and constructed BIM model, especially when integrated with a modern CAFM system during operations.

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