Application of New Technologies

Where can the application of new technologies be a great advantage in surveying?
In response to the following question, we would like to share with you a previous project of ours, in which a returning client asked us for help with the renovation of their factory building. The building itself did not have the original plans anymore, and over the years, the new needs made the mechanical part of the roof almost incomprehensible. The complex systems and the tight space made it almost impossible to use traditional technologies for the survey.

In such cases, the special mobile handheld laser scanner that we also use is particularly advantageous. Thanks to our unique device, our colleagues were able to easily carry out the survey in the tight space, and we also easily met the aspect that we do not disturb the current production for a moment with our work. As a result of the survey, we created a 3D point cloud of the building, which documented the current state in detail, both from a mechanical and architectural point of view. The completed BIM model provided a reliable basis for the new renovation plans.

The new technology we used enabled us to work in areas that would be difficult or impossible to access with traditional methods. Our client was satisfied with the result, and we are proud that we helped them to put the plans for the renovation of the building on a solid foundation.

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