Intelligent Building Solutions

Our company’s main activity is the sophisticated service of intelligent building solutions. Our mission is to provide our customers with a comprehensive service package that accompanies them throughout the entire life cycle of the building. We are already involved in the management of BIM models in the construction phase of the construction process, so that the relevant information reaches the operational phase. Our modern operational software based on building information models is easy to customize and provides extremely efficient solutions for the operator or owner.
Our building management software not only serves simple CAFM tasks, but also provides a complete package that includes the management of related contracts, tracking of daily tasks, asset lists, and fault reports.
We are also prepared for buildings with old or unknown data, as we use the latest laser scanner technology to perform building surveys and BIM model building, or even supplement the information content of the existing BIM model. This allows us to collect the most accurate data on the geometry and structure of the building, which can serve as the basis for the design and maintenance processes.
Our goal is to provide revolutionary services that represent the future. Through the modern solutions of IoT and Digital Twin, we provide a real-time picture of the processes, events, and production line status in the building. We supplement the existing supervisory systems with this, or create a completely new one if needed, which makes the operation of our building transparent.

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